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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dedication and why Crabtree Creations? (updated 11/2/12)

I would like to dedicate my new blog to two people who have been very special to me. Ernestine Crabtree and
Richard Crabtree.

My Grandmother Ernestine Crabtree was  one amazing woman. Born in 1909, she was one of two children.  She graduated from High School in 1928 and played the organ at the Rivoli Theatre in Hastings Nebraska until the onset of "talkies".  Ernestine married Raymond Crabtree in 1929, and she raised three children during the Great Depression, ( my Dad being one of them) and often single-handedly while Raymond traveled as a salesman. She worked when it wasn't common for women to work, and was quite successful as co-owner of Radio Electronics Sales and Service.  She played golf, lots of cards, and the organ, and at age 91 taught "line dancing" to her peers.  Ernestine lived and maintained her own home until her death.  Grandma was active and vibrant. She enjoyed watching Husker Football every Saturday, (could never call her when "the game" was on!) and she loved listening to the Boston Pops.  Grandma was born on December 26th 1909 and died on December 25th, Christmas Day, 2011.  She completed 102 full years of life!  And boy did she live!  The photo above was taken 1 year before she passed.  Adorable, huh?

My Father, Richard Crabtree was born in 1931 and lived to age 76. He was an educator, and a terrific role model, not just to my brother and me, but to countless junior high students from 1956 to 1985. Richard was a fair and honest man, with integrity and honor. He was a football and basketball coach, and a mentor to students for years. He took several students to Washington DC with the Close-Up Program, and loved these United States. He served during the Korean War, but was a peaceful man. Richard loved to play golf, and enjoyed sports of all types, especially football. He is the person who took me to my first ever Husker Game in Lincoln, an event I will never forget as long as I live! He was there for me when I took my first steps, and when I dove off the starting block at my first swim meet. He instilled in me my competitive spirit and love of the game.
I was very lucky to have people in my life that were of such character and substance.
And it is in their name that I am calling my blog "Crabtree-Creations".
I hope they're proud of me!


SarahMW said...

Very nice ReNae!

Marcy said...

Awww, that is so darn sweet!!

Bonnie said...

Nice dedication!