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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Most Beautiful Card of All...

Today I received a Christmas Card from my Grandmother.  Her name is Ernestine Crabtree and this blog was dedicated to her when it began last summer. Grandma is almost 102 years young.  In fact, her birthday is the day after Christmas.  My family will be celebrating with her this year both for Christmas, and for her birthday!  She is an inspiration to many people, including me.  She is positive, active and bright!
 I got to thinking about her today when I received her hand-written, hand-stamped card.  This simple card she sent to me is more beautiful to me than anything in any magazine, blog or video. Better than any card I could create...
In her shaky but deliberate hand she writes, 

 "May the reason for the season be blessed!
May your Holiday be Merry and Bright, and your Home filled with Christmas Delight!
There is a request that money for your gift to me be spent on yourselves, no gift for me please.
Your thoughts of LOVE are all I wish for!"

Blessings from above, along with my love,
Grandmother Ernestine

So with tears in my eyes, and joy in my heart, I am sharing this Christmas Card with you, my dear friends.  I hope your Christmas is a joyous and happy one!

Blessings and Happy Crafting,

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NOTE:  Grandmother Ernestine passed away December 25th, 2011-Christmas Day.  I was by her side.
She didn't want to go.  Her last words to me were "I hope I go to Heaven".
Grandma, I know you are singing with the Angels in Heaven now, but I miss you so very much.  Thank you for your guidance, love, and for your undying faith in me, your laughter, your smiles, and the way you always made me feel like I was your favorite--something you were able to do with all your grandchildren.
I will always remember the things that you taught me, and will try very hard to live my life the way you did.  You loved with all your heart, you worked hard, you respected other people, and you respected yourself.  You showed me what it was to lead an honorable life.  Thank you for everything!
I love you so much, and I think of you every day.  I'm a better person for knowing you.
love, ReNae


Manna said...

This is so sweet! May the reason of the season be blessed indeed! See you Thursday!

Anonymous said...

If everyone in the world had an attitude like Grandmother Ernestine this world would be better off indeed! We all need to take a moment and remember her wise words and let the reason for the season be blessed rather than crazy, frustrating and exhausting as we rush to do "everything" instead of enjoying this beautiful time of year!

Elise said...

I am SPEECHLESS! What a stunning legacy! {And here's me thinking: NO WONDER that ReNae is so incredible! - GOOD GENES, there, sista-friend!} What a BLESSING! Thanks for giving me "happy thoughts"! xo!

Crabtree-Creations said...

Thanks friends! I am very lucky indeed to have a Grandmother like her! She is one in a million!

Anonymous said...

ReNae, I feel so fortunate to have Aunt Ernie in my family. Wonderful person in so many ways. She never forgot my Birthday and Christmas. I treasure those cards filled with Love every year! She is with the Lord and the Angels! They are celebrating her being with them now.
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! xoxo Bonnie