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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A New Year, and New Resolutions

I promise to write in my blog at least twice a week!

As many of you may already know, my dear Grandmother Ernestine passed away on Christmas Day.
She completed her 102nd year of life here on earth, (Dec. 26th was her birthday)

I was with her by her side, until the end.  She whispered into my ear on Christmas Eve that she hoped she would go to Heaven.  Grandma, I know you are in Heaven, because you were and are and angel.

I love you and always will remember all the lessons you taught me, from how to make Chicken Soup, to how to treat others.

I hope you were proud of me, and will continue to watch over me as you did when you were here.
I love you!

Ernestine age 2, a beautiful angel, just like now!


Elise said...

WHAT a TREASURE! This fills my heart with joy! I am so honored to know of your wonderful grandmother through your stories and treasured pictures! THANK you, as always, for your generosity of SHARE! You are in my thoughts, sweet friend - hope you are well!

Crabtree-Creations said...

Thank you Elise! Today I was looking through some items she left for me, and in a little heart shaped box, among the many little bracelets I made for her over the years, she had placed her High School Class Ring! I am so honored to receive it and what a nice surprise it was!