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Friday, April 6, 2012

That Doggie in the Window...

I am sad today as I post this...
My son recently moved into a new apartment, and he cannot have his precious pup Luci with him there.  I have been keeping her for the last week, but with me facing surgery soon, I realize that I won't be able to keep her either.

Luci at my son's apartment, happy as a clam!

Luci playing with Skippy, my dog, (notice his submissive behavior, they play nicely together.)

Skippy and Luci playing Tug-o-war with a stuffed doggie.  This was so funny to watch!

I have an older dog, Skippy, who requires less physical activity and quite frankly, with knee surgery on my horizon, two dogs is more than I can handle right now.
So I am left with a dilemma...I need to find Luci a good home.
She is a cute little Yorkshire Terrier, she has all her shots and she has been taken care of medically since we got her. (She has a wellness plan at Banfield Animal Hospital)  I rescued her from Animal Haven and gave her to my son a couple years ago.  Since that time, I rescued another dog, Skippy, so I don't think I can handle caring for both dogs.

She is a bit active and high strung (barks at birds, squirrels, small dogs)  as small terriers can be.  I think she would do well in a family with a house, not an apartment with all the noises to bark at, and one with older kids that wouldn't pull her tail.  She has shown signs of aggression towards the chihuahuas next door.  Little dog vs. Little dog I guess.  She barks when people come in and out of my apartment so a house is best for Luci.
If you know of anyone who would like to adopt Luci, please answer this post or leave me an email at  She is a loving animal and deserves a happy loving home.


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