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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Collage Christmas Cards Tutorial Part 2

Hello Bloggers!
This is Part 2 of the Collage Christmas Card Tutorial.  

Today I am going to show you how to layer the embellishments on to your card, thus creating a "collage".  We are also using lace, trim, old buttons and other elements to give the cards we create a Vintage feel.

I wish to thank Samantha Ivy, who stopped by and gave me much-needed assistance taking photos for Part 2.  She also sat down and made 2 cards.  

When we left off yesterday, we had prepared all the papers needed for these cards by cutting images apart, inking the edges, and distressing the edges.  We inked our cards and envelopes as well.

So now that all the paper is prepared, we will begin assembling our cards!
Step 1.
Adhere one 4: x 5.5"paper rectangles to your card with dry adhesive such as an ATG gun or adhesive roller.  Do not use wet glue on this step or your card will be too soggy when adding the rest of the embellishments in Steps 2-4.
Step 1. Adhere the 4x5.5" rectangle to the card
Step 2.
Select various images from the cut patterned paper and start arranging them on your card.  Move the pieces around on the card positioning the papers to make them pleasing to the eye.  Be creative!  Also cut the lace and trim to the correct lengths you need, and position it where you want it, along with the paper.
Here I am trying out the Nutcracker against the background paper to see if I like the way it looks.
I will also try trims, ribbon and buttons etc. before I do any glueing.
Samantha moves the papers around to see what she comes up with...
Hmmm, this might look good...
Maybe this trim will look good...
So in this step you are basically playing around, trying out different scenarios, seeing what works and what doesn't.  Don't be afraid to use lots of lace and trims.   The trim and lace are essential in giving the card the look we are trying to create.  You will see when you're finished, that I'm right!
Organize your Christmas Ribbon then throw it out on the table!!
I try to keep like colors together, as different papers will look better with different trims...
NOTE:(We will be talking in Part 3 more about color, balance and texture, but for the sake of the tutorial, we will forge ahead!)
Step 3.
Once you have the positioning you like, adhere the papers and the trims to the card.   I use wet glue to adhere the trims and lace, and a glue runner or my ATG gun for the papers.
Samantha glues down the Gingerbread Man so he won't run away!!
Step 4. Once the papers and trims have been adhered, and all the glue is dry, you are ready to add the ephemera.  Pour out your buttons, letters, typewriter keys, pen nibs, bingo tokens, ticket stubs and old photographs. Arrange them on your card the way you like them.  Don't be shy!  These items are what makes the card so unique!
Look at all this YUMMINESS!
I keep my goodies organized in this plastic container.

If you have a button you want to use but it has a shank on it, use the shank remover on it.  It's like a jewelry tool, and it snips the loop right off the back of the button. The use wet glue to adhere it or use a dimensional pop-dot.
My stash of Vintage Buttons

These little frames from K& Co. work well on these vintage collage cards.
Step 5.  Once all the items are adhered to the card, open it up to the inside of the card.  Select the sentiment stamp and ink color you wish to use.  On mine, I chose Rocket Red Versafine Ink and a Vintage style greeting to coordinate with the card.  Stamp the sentiment in the center of the card, using even pressure.
Samantha stamps her card with a vintage-style sentiment.
The font brings images of days gone by...
If you choose to emboss your sentiment, take embossing powder of your choice, sprinkle it over your wet ink, and then using a heat tool, melt the embossing powder into the card.  Be careful not to burn the card stock or any of the ephemera.

Step 6.
Wrap ribbon around the card and tie a pretty bow.  
Step 7.  If you desire a luster on your card, use Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels to do so.  I have found that this step really makes the card look finished, and adds to the vintage appearance of the card.
Set the card inside a cardboard shoe box and holding the bottle at least 6 inches away from the card, spritz about 3 times over the card.  Don't over do it!!  Add Stickles glitter glue if desired.
My finished Nutcracker Collage Card!
Love love love that Glimmer Mist!
Set your card aside in a clean dry place and let it dry for at least an hour.  
You have now finished your first collage card.  
Time consuming?  Yes!  Difficult?  No!
Samantha's finished Gomgerbread Collage Card!

I'll post some additional cards tomorrow, and more detailed photographs.  I would have done more today, but simply ran out of time!  These ARE time-consuming to make but they are so pretty when finished and the recipient loves them so much!  I do hope you all will give it a try!  
Tomorrow I will go over color, balance and tips for interesting texture in making a collage card.

Please let me know what you think and leave me a comment!  Just click on the word comment below.


Mary said...

This is a great tutorial,but I am smiling at your stash of ribbons and buttons, the ones crossing the Atlantic are very boring.

Crabtree-Creations said...

Well Mary you will soon be receiving a small package from this side of the Atlantic! I mailed it Monday. However I did not put any lace or buttons in it. Next time I send a care package I will be sure to include them! Hope you like your stamps!

Mary said...

I am sure I will , I hope you like the pages,some are over 100 years old.

RunawayStamper said...

You have the best TOYS!!!! Love the shots of all your ribbons and embellishments - very inspiring!

pattyo said...

This is so much fun! You are so organized! I'm oooohing and ahhhhing over your collection of trinkets (and they're organized to boot!). It does make sense to gather what you need ahead of time. I tend to keep jumping up and down to check on what things I can use (I have my stuff stored in the basement but work in my dining room). I like the warm tones to your photos, by the way. :)