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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vintage Valentine "Same Style, Different Card"

Hi Bloggers!
I made a Vintage Valentine today, using basically the same techniques as before, with a few differences.  I want you to see how by just changing a few things, you can create a different yet equally beautiful card.  Making cards with this technique is easy and fun!  
I hope you like it!

I chose white trim, which I sprayed pink with Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays.
My supplies included pink trim, pink lace and Prima flowers.
Instead of decorating with white pearl trim on the outside of the card, I used pink pearls and adhered them to the edges of the focal image.  I put white lace on the edges of the image first, to cover the red edge and soften the look a bit.
I added Prima flowers and sprayed with Gimmer Mist, to give it a finished and polished sheen.
The card looks really pretty yet it is very different from the original I made for the class.
Here are some other cards I am trying to finish before Valentine's Day!
I had a question on my blog about German Scrap.  I will show you all some samples of German Scrap and the uses for it in my next post.
Happy Valentine's Day to you All!
lotsa love,


pattyo said...

Love this different take on your card, ReNae! So pretty! I see you're creating some more beauties for the holiday.

Connie Riley said...

Hello ReNae.
I really like your style and this card is lovely. I've started posting again after a long spell of not doing anything. I don't know how you do so much! Happy Valentine's Day, early.

pattyo said...

Hey, ReNae! Where have you been? Hope all is well.