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Saturday, September 20, 2014

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Part 2: The Process of Designing Cards

Hey Bloggers!'
My friend Jen owns a crafting store called Ink Paper Rubber, and when first saw the new Graphic 45 paper "Twas the Night Before Christmas", she wasn't sure it would be a line she wanted to order.  Jen's customers for the most part are artists and card makers, but not scrapbookers.  Some papers work better for one group than the other...maybe this line was one of those best-suited for her mind it just didn't seem to have enough images that would work for a card...

Well, maybe, maybe not.  Because even though "Twas the Night" is perfect for scrapbooking, great journaling spots, "Project-Life"-esque shapes, pretty colors,  and the like,  if you just think a little bit outside the box, you might be surprised at what what you can do!

I personally liked the new line very much, the bright colors and Victorian images always speak to me!
So I bought one sheet of every paper in the line, and the envelopes and tags packet to boot, and set out to see what card designs I could come up with!  Let me take you through my process and maybe it will help you to see things a little bit differently next time you're shopping for paper!

First, I cut out all the images.
Along with the framed illustrations, I cut out any images that might work in a card element, or that I could use as an embellishment. I cut holly, clocks and images of Santa... even if it wasn't a full image, I cut it out.
I selected the striped TEXT paper to use for my rosettes.  
It worked great!  I used red buttons for rosette centers.
Next, I opened up the envelopes and tags packet, and assembled all of them.
Now it was time to start playing!  I cut a background out of every paper, and experimented with what looked the best.
I tried different combinations of just about everything I had!
Once I selected my focal image, I set out to find the perfect background, and the perfect embellishment. 
Sometimes I would like the background, but try it with a different focal image just to see if I made the right choice...
When I design cards for a class, I need to see everything at the same time, to get the big picture.  So I put everything out in front of me and start moving pieces around until I am satisfied.
I knew I wanted to decorate the insides of these cards, so I laid the cards open. This helped me to match up the outside with the inside, and again, make the best choice.  I wanted them to be cohesive, yet different, and wanted the inside and the outside to coordinate.
The cards slowly came together.  It does take a while.
On this card, I liked the image, but it was a journaling spot, so would not have worked as a focal image.  But by using the little envelope OVER the journaling spot, I covered up that part, and an image I would have originally rejected became an adorable little interactive card!
And I didn't mention it earlier, but I inked all the edges of the elements. That way, I can glue down the pieces when inspiration strikes, and not have to stop to ink edges. 
All the insides of the cards are interactive.
Only the top half of this little Santa image was appropriate for my card, but as you can see, the top half was really all I needed!  I tucked it inside of the envelope!
And here they are!
All ready to send!

I hope you found this helpful and maybe the next time you buy paper, you'll be able to look at it in a different and more creative way!  And you may wonder, what did Jen decide to do about this paper?  Well, she took one look at these cards, and decided to order the entire line of course!  Stop by Ink Paper Rubber and see her if you're in Kansas City!  And please tell her I said hi!  

I have an exciting announcement so please check back Monday!  

Until next time,
 Happy Creating!


Connie Riley said...

Hello ReNae.
Great article! You do such a fantastic job of coordinating cards from a paper line and the new 'Twas the Night Before Christmas is no exception. Thanks for the details of how you lay everything out.

Burt and Linda said...

Very informative article on the creative process resulting in some charming cards! Well done, ReNae!

Patty O'Malley said...

Nice cards, ReNae! Love those rosettes and your new blog header.

ReNae Allen said...
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