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Monday, February 13, 2012

"How I made the Bridal Plaque" Tutorial

Hi Bloggers!
So many of you have asked me how I made the Bridal Plaque featured on the Graphic 45 website.  I have put together a photo-tutorial for you so that you can see step-by-step how it was completed.
If you have any questions after viewing it, please leave me a comment below and I will answer all your questions promptly!

Here we go!
Select the papers you want to use.  I used le' Romantique by Graphic 45
Paint your frames if desired, I painted mine using colors that went well with the paper collection.
Cut sections of paper to suit your story.  Mine was a bride, so I selected pretty brides from the paper collection.
Use paper glue to adhere paper to tray.
I ended up using different paper than shown here in this photo, as you will see at the end of the tutorial!
Move the finished frames around on the tray until you like the arrangement.
Before the frames were adhered to the tray, I added some bronze colored GLAZE to my frames.
It gave more of an antiqued look to them.
I also experimented with adding green paint to the peach frame, and peach paint to the green frame.
Then added the bronze GLAZE.
After gluing the photos to the frames, the frames were hot-glued to the tray and I could start to decorate.
Be careful using the hot glue gun, add the glue to the tray, not the frames.
Note: At this point I was still experimenting with where the frames should go.  I decided to put them on in order of age.
That way it almost seemed like a walk through history.
Next add all your embellishments, lace, buttons, and trinkets to the tray.
I used craft glue, and also used Glossy Accents.
With the lace I used glue that wouldn't show when dry.  Use your best judgement here.
I used the same papers to make a coordinating card
This is a close-up of the tray.  You can see all the little details.
Another close-up showing the beading, and details of the lace and flowers
After all trinkets, keys, buttons and bling were added,  antique lace and beading was adhered to the sides of the project.
You can also see that I used the Tim Holtz corners to add pizazz to the piece.  It really did look like an antique!
If you have additional question,  I encourage you to write me a comment below!

Happy Crafting!



SarahMW said...


pattyo said...

Gorgeous projects! It's the first time I visited your blog and will be back!

Crabtree-Creations said...

Welcome PattyO!
I am a relative newcomer to blogging and paper-crafting, but hope you enjoy visiting my blog. It is such fun and wonderful to meet new people such as yourself! Happy Crafting!

Crabtree-Creations said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for saying so! It was a fun project! I think you could do this with other occasions such as birthdays, showing the child as he/she grew up, or anniversaries, showing the couple through the years...What do you think?