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Friday, February 24, 2012

Stamping Technique Demo Photos

Hi Bloggers!
We had a great time at the Artistry ETC meeting Thursday at Ink Paper Rubber.
Here are the photos from the meeting where I did a demo on the Multi-Stamping Stamp Pad technique.

This technique allows the stamper to customize their stamp pad for multiple stampings of the same image.  Great for Greeting Cards, Invitations, Recipe Cards, and Gift Tags!

First, you place the stamp you are going to use on the Ranger Stamp Foam, draw a line around the stamp, and cut out the stamped shape foam.

Second, you ink up the stamp with PERMANENT ink such as Archival or Memories ink,
and stamp an image on to the foam with the permanent ink.

Clean the stamp thoroughly, as you will be using it again with dye inks.
Using watercolor based dye ink re-inkers,  such as Distress Ink or Adirondack Ink, you will squeeze the ink onto the stamp, using the inked image as a guide. 
Press the stamp on to the ink pad, making sure you get plenty of ink on your stamp. )
You can tell if it's covered if it has a shiny appearance when you turn it over.

Here I have inked up and stamped the Pear stamp with PERMANENT ink.  You can use such brands as Archival or Memories ink.
 Think of it as a coloring book as you ink the image in the colors that you want for each image on the stamp.  For instance, here I put the ink in the colors that I wanted the pear and leaves to be once it was stamped.  You may use as many colors as you wish.  Keep the ink on the lines, do not put any ink on the white areas of the stamp.
NOTE: The ink will "wick" or run.  This is perfectly fine.
Press the stamp on to the paper and viola!  You have a stamped image! If you want a "watercolor" effect, use water pens or a paint brush and water to lightly paint over the ink.
The cool part is that you can repeat these steps over and over with one stamp pad, stamping 30-40 images before you have to re-ink the pad.
What a great way to make handmade greeting cards, recipe cards, gift tags, wedding announcements.
Here is a card I made using one of the stamped images!
See how much prettier the stamped image is when you make your own custom stamp pad!
The image on the left is custom, the other just a regular one-color stamp.
This technique works with "line" stamps like this Penny Black hedgehog.
This also works with "solid" stamps!
Note:  This stamped image didn't have enough ink.
However, after more ink was added and it was worked into the pad, the image was better.

Whether using wood or cling stamps, this technique is a winner!

This was a really fun technique and I would highly recommend that if you have projects that require multiple stampings of the same image, this is the way to go!

See you next time for more fun ideas!

Happy Crafting!


Crabtree-Creations said...

Thank you everyone for all your nice emailed comments! I am so glad you enjoyed the demo! I'm looking forward to doing another demo in April.

LauriB said...

Thanks for teaching that technique. It was fun to learn.