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Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Living Canvas


We all have a story to tell... one that we live and paint and breathe everyday... through our heartaches and trials, joys and celebrations, insecurities and moments of clarity.  What story are we telling now and what story do we have yet to create? At the end of the day, it's our living canvas that will tell our story. And our art journal.
In mixed-media artist Christy Tomlinson's six week course, she will help you discover that through art,techniques,journaling and soul searching exercises, you can create your canvas by design, not by default. 
The workshop is broken down into a six week workshop:
Week 1: Telling your Story
Week 2: Finding Balance Every Day, the 6 F's.
Week 3: Your Vision Board
Week 4: The 80/20 Rule
Week 5: Being Present
Week 6: Purpose, Passion and Being Proud

Join me in this workshop to self discovery and soul searching with exercises and journaling that will help us grow and define our living canvas. Then we will take those things we are learning and put them into ART. Through art journaling, on canvases and other pieces of art.. things that we can see each day will remind us of the canvas we want to create!

This class will be a work at your own pace class.. where you can come in a watch the videos and read the content anytime night or day. AND this class will be available for an entire year to plenty of time to really take your time and do this class the right way! The class starts May 21st so there's still time to enroll!  I hope you will join me in taking this workshop!

Click ***HERE*** to link to Christy's workshop information

Each week I'll be reviewing what I've learned here on the blog.
Hope you'll be joining me starting May 21st!

Until then,
Happy Creating!!


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