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Friday, May 25, 2012

Promises Promises!

Hi Bloggers!
A few posts and several days ago, I promised that I would post photos of what I have been doing, and explain why I have been gone from my blog.  And even though you who are closest to me already know this, I'll explain what's been going on and hope you understand.
Two years ago I became disabled.  I was always technically disabled, but always was able to rise above the challenges, work at a full-time career, and raise two children as a single parent.  However, recently, the pain of 30+ surgeries, arthritis, and joint failures, caused me to resign to the fact that I just had to slow down.  I had to quit working and became interested in my 2nd love, art and crafting.
When I was still working, between surgeries I made jewelry, learned to bead, and did some quilting.  I sewed all my life, made clothes for myself and my children from baby clothes to prom dresses,  and just loved crafts of all types.  Art has always been a part of my life, but more of a hobby than anything I did full-time.  And being a full time parent, working 50 hours a week in sales, I didn't have a lot of extra time for hobbies.
I was born with a condition called Larsen Syndrome, a genetic bone condition that affects joints and connective tissue surrounding the joints.  It can attack any (or all) the joints in the person's body.  In my case, neck, back, hips, knees and feet.  My daughter did not inherit it, but my son did.  It can vary in how much a person is affected--I was very lucky!  I was able to walk, and my son walked with crutches as a child, but now, as an adult is no longer ambulatory.  Our condition is painful due to the many surgeries we undergo to correct the many dislocations we suffer in our joints.  And it is this pain that finally caused me to have to quit working.
This was the 3rd surgery on the left leg.
I wish I could say it was the last one.
In the last few years, I have undergone several surgeries, including repeated knee surgery on my left knee.  And for reasons I won't divulge here, the knee joints I have had put in have repeatedly failed.  I'm on my 3rd knee replacement in the left leg, and found out Tuesday the hinge is broken.  I also found out that this particular implant was not a good one.  So my former doctor apparently used a sub-standard joint when better ones were available.  My bad.  I should have done better research!

See how swollen the left is?  It is swollen
due to the broken hinge in the knee joint.
Surgery is the only way to fix it.
I am now seeing a specialist in Orthopedics,  Leo Whiteside, M.D. located in St. Louis.  He is an amazing doctor!  He did my 2nd knee replacement on my right knee, and it's been in for 13 years!
See how nice it looks compared to the other one?   Why I didn't go to him for the left leg is beyond me.  I stayed in KS and went to KU.  Not smart on my part.  If you do this do your research!

Dr. Whiteside is an inventor, and his knee and hip implants are second to none.  I am happy he is going to be doing my reconstructive surgery.  It is set for June 14th...Two and a half weeks from now.
I'd be lying if I said I'm looking forward to it.  It's a very painful procedure to remove the existing broken joint.  He will have to saw the rods out from inside the shank of my femur and tibia.  Those rods are 6 inches up inside the bone.  This is a very serious and long surgery, and will take 2 years recuperation time.
So I'm a little behind in posting photos, because I've been dealing with all of this mess.  But in the next few days, I promise to put as much up as I can.  Please check back as YOUR photo may be on here!
If you've seen me, your photo will be posted here tomorrow!!!

And please don't give up on me.  I may be down, but I'm not out.        
I'll be back... I PROMISE!!!  (famous last words!  LOL!)
See you soon!


Unknown said...

ReNae!! You are the strongest woman I know!! Hang in there baby! You will make it through anything you have to - just like you always do! Love you!


Crabtree-Creations said...

Oh Marcy, I miss you so much! Thank you for your kind words! love you!

Crabtree-Creations said...

From an email:
Hi ReNae,

I tried to post a note on your blog but couldn't, for some reason, so I am emailing you instead.

I am so very sorry to hear about your health issues. You are a real example to the rest of us on how to deal with adversity and chronic pain. You are so engaged in the world around you and so active, it is easy for others to forget what you live with on a daily basis. I am appalled at the botch job that surgeon did on your knee. It would be nice to sue him for a million dollars but it wouldn't change what he did to you.

Please know that you will be much in my thoughts in 2-1/2 weeks and in the days that follow, as you heal. Take care of yourself and have a lovely holiday weekend.


Catherine Lippert

Mary said...

Hi ReNae
I am so sorry your life has been full of pain,and that your beautiful smile masks such discomfort,I am thinking of you.

Lotta Feldt said...

i know you are a strong woman, and i will send you some goddies... hope you have anyone to get it for you.

we love you so much and i will have you in my thought al the time....

much love