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Saturday, June 30, 2012

WE FINALLY HAVE PHOTOS!! (OR) Confessions of a Blogger

Bless me bloggers, for I have sinned:  
It has been 2 1/2 months since my last Blog Post.
These are my sins:
I lost my adapter cord and didn't post any interesting posts for 9 weeks-
I disappointed my blog followers by not posting anything worth reading- 
I cursed a few times when the replacement cord arrived and did not work-
I probably lost some readers in this whole ordeal-
I am sorry for these sins and all the sins I have committed against my blog followers.
*For my penance I will promise never to miss another week of blogging again, even when I have my surgery; and  I am saying 2 serenity prayers while chanting the KU Rock Chalk chant (I'm a Husker fan, not a KU fan) while jumping up and down on one foot!

Just to get back in your good graces, I plan on kissing up and am doing a BIG GIVEAWAY!
LEAVE ME A COMMENT and let me know if I'm forgiven!  Also let me know what you would like me to feature here on my blog.
I will reward 1 lucky winner with a Memory Box die worth up to $20.00! 
Second and third place winners receive a gift certificate for $10 to Michael's or JoAnn's (your choice)
You may choose the die you want, but you have to leave a comment by Sunday evening July 1st.
This contest is open to international bloggers also, so please EVERYONE leave me a comment!  Even if you just say hi!  To leave a comment, wave your cursor over the word "comments" and click on it.
A box will appear and you can leave your comment there.  You can do it ! If for some reason you can't, please send your comment to and I will post the comment for you!
EASY right?
And now, what you have been waiting for, THE PHOTOS!
Gia Preston
I will start with a demonstration from Ink Paper Rubber, featuring Gia Preston, mixed-media artist extraordinaire as she demonstrates how to make backgrounds for virtually any paper project!  Enjoy!

Gia is showing her pretty backgrounds to the group 
Gia explains the layering techniques 

Newspaper makes a perfect base for your background! 
The captive audience listens intently... 
Okay ladies, listen up!  You can do this!
First you put down some paint.
Gia is showing the difference between the gel base and ceramic base.
Using a brayer, she smears the paint on the base.
Ceramic base, and...
Gel base-

You can paint on a stamp, and use stencils and masks too!
We want lots of layers.

Put the paper down and...
How cool is that?!
Don't forget to use the back side of the painted stencil/mask to layer also...
Once you get started, you can't stop!
Let's try one more mask...
So cool!
Judith Judy and Kathy give it a try while Samantha supervises! 
Sandy and Cindy are working intently!
These gorgeous backgrounds are fun and easy to do! 

Gia shows magnets she made using her pretty backgrounds and some ceramic tiles

How true!
Now Gia just has to decide which one she wants to use!
Gia shows some of her beautiful cards made with the backgrounds she made earlier 
Everyone is getting into it!

Cindy's hand shows her handiwork!
Connie Riley gives it a shot!
This beautiful altered bottle was Gia's birthday gift to me!
Thanks Gia!  I love it!!

Please leave your comment below!!  You have until Sunday night to qualify for the giveaway.
And please scroll down to "Join this site"  You will receive email notifications of all new postings!  Happy Creating!


Crabtree-Creations said...

Okay I am checking the comment button and it works! Leave me your comment and win a prize!! ~ReNae

Samantha Ivy said...

You did it!!! Thanks for posting the pictures. You just reminded me I have to make my papers for upcoming Classes. The photo with the tiles, is that one sheet of paper or several?
Thanks again, Samantha

Crabtree-Creations said...

Samantha, that is several pages fanned out like a hand of playing cards. She wanted to show how these papers can be used to make beautiful backgrounds for the magnets.

Burt and Linda said...

Delightful post, ReNae...and I love seeing those pics!

ljrhew said...

It is so great to see you back on the air :) I hope you are feeling like yourself again (or at least getting there) It's time for you to get your creative juices flowing and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Lotta Feldt said...

well after al these pics you are at the top again as always...

but you have never fall down from your angel position.

much love at your way...

Mary said...

Am I allowed to say that I am so envious of your group,you seem to have such fun all sharing a love of craft.
ReNae your blog is wonderful and well worth waiting for.

pattyo said...

I am sure you are forgiven for not being around for awhile. Stuff happens. Looks live a fun event. Your birthday gift is gorgeous!

happybooker said...

ReNae, I'm glad everything turned out so well and the pictures you loaded are great. Good luck with your surgery. If you need anything, let me know! Keep us informed from St. Louis on your progress.