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Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Autumn Road Trip to Florilegium!

Hi Bloggers!
A couple weeks ago my friends Gia, Ann-Marie and I hopped in the car and headed up north...(north of the river that is), to Parkville, MO to find  a wonderful store called Florilegium.
It was a wonderful autumn day and I am glad I can share it with you!
Hey Gia!  Wait for us!
(Gia drives us out of her maze of a neighborhood)
Come with us as we leave Overland Park, Kansas and drive north of the Missouri River, up to Parkville, Missouri and Florilegium. 
Beautiful Fall Colors
Gia's beautiful Overland Park neighborhood
If you like sewing arts, weaving, knitting, beading, crocheting, mixed-media, embroidery, or just looking at pretty things, this place is a must-see!  I can't express in words the way a crafter feels when going into a place like Florilegium.  It's magical!  Everywhere  you look you see something different and something you are certain you can work into one of your projects!  I'll let you see what I mean...
Parkville, Missouri, an old river town, is 35 miles north of Overland Park
near the Kansas City International Airport
There it is!! Florilegium!
Is that a dust mop?  No it's a dog who is sleeping on the counter!
The Shop Girl welcomes us with a smile!
Gorgeous antiques and interesting doo-dads are everywhere!

Button button, who's got the button?
A wall of gorgeous ribbon!
Hand embroidered ribbons behind a glass case are just stunning!

Close up of the button case
A hand-sewn crazy quilt close up!
Look at these gorgeous vintage buttons!  I want them all!
I wish this room full of delicious yarns and fibers was in my home!

Hand-dyed silks and yarns
These colors are so incredibly vibrant!
My two silly gal pals Ann-Marie and Gia, smiling from ear to ear.
How can you be anything but giddy when you go to Florilegium?
Next time you need a lift, take a road trip with your pals to an inspirational destination!
It'll make you smile!
Happy Creating!


happybooker said...

I'm envious of your road trip. The fall colors look gorgeous and the shop looks very interesting. I think you three had a great time from the looks of it! I expect the store was the kind you could do major damage in so it is just a well I didn't know about it's existence until now! Thanks for sharing, ReNae.

pattyo said...

Wow! I've never seen a place like this! So much to choose from!

Mary said...

I feel like jumping on a plane, that is such an amazing store.The colours are wonderful.

Lotta Feldt said...

i am glad i don´t live near that store :)