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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Winners, and a little Christmas Slipper

Hey Bloggers,
Thank you for helping me celebrate my 10,000th visitor to my blog!  For the last five days,  I have been asking viewers to sign up and join my site, and in return they would be eligible to win a prize worth up to $20.  We had five winners in five days, and the winners are as follows:
 Shari Lindsay
 Connie Riley
 Judith Strausbaugh
 Ann-Marie McIntire
 Patty O'Malley 
Thanks to all who participated, and please keep blogging!  
I love having you come visit me!
Today for fun I wanted to share a little project I did last year, but did not post to the blog.  I ran across the photos and decided to show you today!  I hope you like them.
My friend Cindy Williamson and I decided we wanted to make some Christmas Slippers.  They were originally shown in a 2011 article in a Stampington publication. We liked them so much we wanted to recreate what we saw in the article.  However, the pattern was not easy to master, so we came up with one on our own.  We selected patterned papers we thought would be pretty, gathered some ribbon and other embellies, and put the shoes together.  We had a lot of fun, but decided we probably won't be going into the shoe business any time soon...
Here are our creations:

If you would like to make these slippers and want the pattern I used, leave me a comment and I'll get one to you!  Be sure to leave your email address as I can send it in a PDF file.
Congratulations to our winners and until next time,
Happy Creating!


Judith Strausbaugh said...

Hi ReNae

Would love to have a copy of that shoe pattern. Looks very interesting. Thank you.


pattyo said...

These are so pretty! Wouldn't mind having a pair I could wear! lol I'm so excited to be one of the winners! Thanks so much.