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Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 5 Luck o' the Irish / What is UTEE?

Hi Bloggers!
Today is the final day of the Luck o' the Irish Contest.  Today I will be giving you TWO words to unscramble.  One is a bonus word, in case you missed a day this week, you can make it up!

But first, we are going to discuss UTEE.  
If you have never heard of UTEE, it stands for Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel.  UTEE is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.  Like other embossing powders, the granules are heated up to form a shiny enameled surface.
Ultra Thick Embossing Powder (UTEE)
With UTEE you can:
  1. highlight a stamped image 
  2. stamp into it while it's still warm to create 3-dimensional embellishments 
  3. coat a project 
  4. pour it into molds to make an embellishment 
  5. sprinkle it onto a project, then heat it up to create a unique texture or surface
  6. Use it to create a "cracked glass" effect  
UTEE is heated by using a heat gun, a toaster oven or melted into a hot plate called a "Melting Pot" and is part of the Melting Pot & Accessory Line, developed by artist Suze Weinberg.  The one advantage to using a toaster oven is that the granules won't blow around as much if using a heat gun.  Depending on the project each way of heating UTEE has it's advantages. The finished UTEE can be cut with a craft scissors, and can also be cracked and inked to give a crackle effect.  (see video below)

I had the pleasure of taking two classes by Ms. Weinberg last year, and I learned just how much fun using UTEE can be!  We made a plaque where we used various techniques using UTEE, then put them all together on the plaque. 
As shown on this plaque, we used at least 6 techniques using UTEE.

From top clockwise, we poured UTEE into a frame, poured it into a mold, framed a glass slide with it, stamped on it, sprinkled it on the surface for texture,  poured into a cookie cutter and embossed with it,  just on the one plaque!

I have compiled a list of videos here showing various uses of UTEE and invite you to try it out!
You will have a lot of fun using this product, and it will add so much to the project you are making!

First to get you familiar with the Melting Pot click Melting Pot Video 
Next, to see several more UTEE and Melting Pot Art Products click HERE!
Then, to see some jewelry made by artist Racho113 using UTEE, click HERE!
Finally, to see a more advanced technique using UTEE, watch "Ink Stained Roni" Here!
I hope you have enjoyed learning about UTEE.  I will be teaching some UTEE classes soon so check back soon for dates and times!
NOW FOR OUR WORD OF THE DAY... Unscramble this word "NREGE"
*And if you missed any day this week, here is the BONUS PHRASE..."KLCU FO EHT SRIHI!"
Sign up to be one of my "Creative Friends". Go to the bottom of this blog, and click on "Join this site".  Then leave a comment and your answer unscrambling the word in the "Post a Comment" box at the end of this post.  Be sure to check back Saturday to see if you won as winner will be announced first thing Saturday morning.  
The winner has 24 hours to email me to claim the prize.  
If I do not hear from you by Sunday morning at 9 am a new winner will be chosen.  
In the event of a tie, a random winner will be determined by number at Random. org.
Everyone has a chance to win, so please make sure you have an entry on each blog post this week!
Here's what you will win:
A Tim Holtz prize pack worth $50
Good Luck to Everyone!  
I hope you enjoyed this technique week, and until tomorrow,
Happy Crafting!


Linda Eustace said...


I have UTEE...and have NOT used it thank you so much for all the info and the links!

Lotta Feldt said...

luck of the Irish

WizardsKat said...

You have a great site! This weeks game has me back to card making like a crazy person. So much fun!!! Thanks!!!!!
Today's word if GREEN and the phrase is LUCK OF THE IRISH.
I'm also known as WizardsKat. have a great day ReNae!!!!

WizardsKat said...

oops..also known as Kat fife

Catherine L said...

Go green!

Judith said...

The work is green and Luck of the Irish.