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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's Make A Ribbon Dispenser Box!

Hi Bloggers!
Sorry this is a day late!  I am feeling much better now so this evening I began the project we talked about yesterday, the Ribbon Dispenser Box.  As I discussed yesterday, we have several tools in our craft room that we rarely use, and for me, one of them is the Big Bite! I have had this tool for 2 years and have used it only one time before today!
The Ribbon Dispenser Box is a fun way to use the Big Bite.  And I like this little tool! I really like the way it punches.  It's easy and it was not a struggle to punch the shoebox!  I think what was most challenging was having the confidence to just get it out of the box and use the dang thing!
SADLY, Right at the end of the project, the batteries in my camera died!  So I'm going to post the photos now, then go get batteries, and finish the post when I get back.
Go ahead and "read" the pictures, you should be able to at least get an idea of how it's done.  I'll post all the dimensions and size of the dowels, etc. when I get back.  So you will be able to make one of your own tomorrow!
I do want to tell you-I spent a small fortune on ribbon organizers from one of the Big Box Craft Stores, and I simply didn't need to.  I could have just made a couple of these!  They work great!  And they are easy to make!  Cost-wise, you only have the cost of the box, (under $5) and the dowel, (29 cents each)

So without further adieu, here are the photos.  I'll see you back here very soon to tell you more!
In the meantime, Happy Crafting!

Do you store ribbon like this?  I do!
When you want to get some ribbon, you end up having to dump everything out just to find one ribbon!
And that makes a big mess!  Ugh!
Want to organize this mess?  How about making a Ribbon Dispenser Box?
All you need is a BIG BITE, a shoe box, a dowel, glue and your RIBBON!
First, just measure the box from top to bottom.
Then you measure it side to side.  Decide where you want the holes to be... 
On my shoebox, I measured so that there would be one hole every inch.
Then I took a light colored sharpie, and put a small mark where I wanted the punch hole to be.
Measure with this guide how far down you want to punch.  
This is a close up of the guide.
It slides up and down so  you can adjust it exactly where you want it.
The first time I set the guide, I set it wrong.  Make sure you understand that the hole puncher is behind the  eyelet setter.  If you can, practice it on a separate piece of cardboard,  just to be sure of the placement.
Look closely, see the little nub, that is not the puncher.  The hole puncher is  behind that nub.
It's flat against the shoebox.  I punched it thinking that the nub was the puncher, and had to re-do it.
Here is what your box will look like with eyelets and ribbon.
However, I am going to do mine a little differently.
Unfortunately, right after I took this photo my camera batteries died.

So as soon as I go get some more batteries, I'll be back to post the final steps.
I hope you can kind of get how it's done so far.
I'll explain the placement of the dowels, and how everything comes together  in my next post.
See you all soon!

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