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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Crazy Life Workshop Information

Hi Bloggers!  
Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to take an online class with Christy Tomlinson and Art McCracken called "Your Living Canvas".  It was a class designed to address life and how you can incorporate your life, your living canvas, with art that you create.  It was a great class and I feel that I got a lot out of it.
Now Art has come out with a new online workshop called "My Crazy Life".  
Each month subscribers will have access to a new classroom style lesson that will include the following:  
LIFE LESSONS LEARNED: a video lesson that will also include exercises to enhance your daily life as you learn to improve your outlook on life and who you are as an individual.  
ORGANIZED CHAOS is the second video which will include an art video teaching technique and the thought process that goes into creating a project. The last Lesson for the month will be  
LIFES'S JOURNEY, where students will be a part of something greater than themselves. As a group we will select a group of you each month to create a traveling canvas that will take on a new look and face with everyone that receives this package in their mail and in turn ships it to the next person in line. When it has been touched by the selected number of people for that canvas it will return and be sold or auctioned and the proceeds will then go to support a charity of our groups choice and hopefully support the coomunities we are blessed to live in. 
Here's a video preview of the course:

I am looking forward to enrolling in this workshop, and hope you do as well!
You will enjoy Art's easy style and helpful suggestions, and of course, the ART that we create together will be auctioned off and money will be donated to charity!
Have a great week, and Happy Creating!

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